Timber Frame Components and Architectural Accents:


Whether it’s a new construction, renovation, addition or makeover, adding some heavy beams and traditional Timber Frame Carpentry can transform the look of a home and add character and value.

The Beam work can be structural or decorative, incorporated into new construction or retro-fitted and can be used to enhance both the Exterior and Interior of a property. Here are some examples:


1). Canopies:




Available in many styles a canopy can enhance the look of the house and provide shelter to the entrance.

2). Verandas and porches:



3). Roof Brackets:





Brackets to support the roof overhangs can be structural or decorative and can give that unique ‘Swiss chalet’ look. Brackets are available in many sizes and can be customized to match the roof pitch of the house.


Verandas are both decorative and practical. They help to protect the house from weather, improve accessibility in the winter and provide shade in the summer.


The covered areas can be useful for storing firewood and other items and sections can be screened in to provide outside sitting areas in the Summer.


4). Trusses:



There are many different styles of Timber Frame Roof Trusses and here are just a few examples. Trusses can be used on the exterior to make a canopy or porch, or to support the roof overhangs in a gable. They can also feature on the interior of the house wherever there is a cathedral style open ceiling. They can be fully structural, either as part of a complete self supporting Timber Frame, or intergrated into conventional construction in a 'Hybrid' design. We can also retro-fit decorative trusses to existing cathedral spaces.


Trusses can be custom made to fit any span or roof pitch and in many different styles.


'King Post Truss'


Collar Tie Truss


'Hammer Beam Truss'

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