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What's included in a kit?:


Timber Frame:


1. Pre-finished Timber Frame including hard wood pegs to assemble and steel brackets and bolts to attach to foundation.


2. Exterior Timber Frame Accents

3. Timber Frame for Veranda

4. Interior decorative Beams


Wall System:


Prefabricated wall panels with window and door openings engineered in.


5. 2" x 4" Framing at 16" o.c.

6. 2" x 3" horizontal bracing/spacer at 2' o.c.

7. 3" Sprayed Urethane Insulation (Installed on site).

8. 1/2" OSB Wall Sheeting.

9. Exterior 1" (Type 2 EPS) rigid Insulation with incorporated 'Typar' Air Barrier.

10. 1" x 3" Furring strips at 2' o.c.

11. Maibec Pre-finished Exterior Siding.

12. Maibec pre-finished Cedar Shingles.

13. Maibec pre-finished Exterior Trim


Roof System:


Cathedral Sections:


14. Pre-finished 1" x 8" tongue and groove roof decking (white wash or danish oil finish included).

15. 2" x 3" sleepers at 2' o.c.

16. Engineered Rafters at 2' o.c.

17. 6" sprayed Urethane insulation (installed on site)

18. 5/8" OSB roof sheeting

19. Waterproof membrane for entire roof.

20. 30 year shingles or Steel Roofing (Optional).

21. Ridge vent or other ventilation as appropriate.




22. Flashing and starter strip.

23. 2"x 4"'s for overhang and soffit framing.

24. 2" x 6"'s for sub fascias.


Cold Roof/flat ceiling sections:


25. Engineered Roof trusses at 2' o.c.

26. Pre-fabricated 2" x 4" gable wall panels with 1/2" OSB sheeting, Typar and 1" x 3" furring strips.

27. 12" Blown in Cellulose Insulation (Installed on site)

28. Pre-finished steel soffit and fascia.



Windows and Doors


29. Elite Tradition Pine windows with pre-finshed exterior aluminium cladding and Low E Glass thermo panes.

30. Pre-finished Steel Exterior Doors




31. 2" x 4" for framing of interior partition walls.

32. 1/2" gyproc for interior walls

33. 5/8" Gyproc for interior flat ceilings.






34: 2" x 10" treated wood for deck frame and 6" treated deck boards

35. 1" x 8" tongue and groove decking for porch ceiling. 





Timber Frame Etching 1IMG_0337_Edge_Detect.jpgTimber Frame Etching 1Timber Frame Etching 1



The Bridgmere $135000.00

The Bear House $195000.00

The Carriage House $93500.00

The Daresbury $139500.00

The Egerton $67500.00

The Hartford $79500.00

The McVeigh House S149500.00

The Oakmere S115000.00

All prices for kits are plus applicable taxes and delivery


The Lake House $189,000.00.


A) Where the house model includes a 2nd floor, The Timber Frame includes the structural floor joists typically 6" x 8". In addition the kit includes 1" x 8" pre-finished tongue and groove for the main floor ceilings and a 2" x 6" or 2" x 8" sub floor for the 2nd floor with 5/8" OSB Floor sheeting. The 2nd floor sub floor allows for easy installation of plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems.

B) Where the model is shown on a slab foundation, no materials are included for the main floor structure. Where the model is shown with a full basement, such as 'The Lake House' the kit includes the main floor, sub floor structure. Typically this will be 2" x 10" engineered floor joists and 5/8" OSB floor sheeting.

The_Bear_House.jpg Timber_Frame_Interior_3A.jpgTimber_Frame_Exterior_1A.jpgTimber_Frame_exterior_4A.jpgIMG_0617A.jpgTimber_Frame_interior_23B.jpg