Our Construction system:


In addition to our Hand Crafted Timber Frames, Jackson Hill also offer Pre-Engineered Home Packages.

Our kit homes are designed to perform well in the unique demands of the Canadian Climate. The exceptional levels of insulation and reduction of thermal bridging make our homes economical to heat and air condition and the use of high quality materials, such as steel roofing, pre-painted Maibec siding and aluminium clad windows keep the maintenance costs down.


Our Pre-manufactured homes are simple to assemble and finish and our building system is designed to reduce the labour cost on site, which is why our homes can be completed for a reasonable cost per square foot. The timber frame is pre-finished and can usually be assembled in one day. The pre-fabricated wall panels speed up the construction process and mean that one of our homes can normally be 'closed' in just 1 week. In addition, we supply pre-finished ceiling decking and wood panelling and pre-finished siding and trim for the exterior.

Timber Frame:



Our signature Timber frames are hand cut from Eastern white Pine and use traditional mortice and tenon joinery fastened with 1” hard wood pegs. Once cut, each component is sanded, the corners are cut with a Japanese slick to soften the edges and the pieces are finished with Hand rubbed Danish Oil. The end result is a unique aged look that gives our frames a furniture-like quality.




The Timber Frame provides a strong structural skeleton for the home, supporting the 2nd floor and roof system and providing flexible open spaces. The frame for a typical home can be assembled by our team, usually in one day (Crane normally required) and are pre-finished.




1. Timber Frame

2. Interior gyproc or wood panelling

3. Interior 1" x 3" furring at 2' o.c.

4. 2" x 4" or 2" x 6" conventional framing at 16" centers.(also structural)

5. Minimum 3" sprayed urethane insulation (installed on site).

6. Horizontal 2" x 3" bracing/spacer installed outside studwork. Allows urethane to pass outside the studs to reduce thermal bridging.

7. 1/2" OSB wall sheeting.

8. Secondary, exterior layer of rigid type 2 EPS insulation sheathing with 'Typar' air barrier incorporated.

9. Exterior 1" x 3" furring at 2' o.c.

10. Exterior Pre-finished Maibec wood siding boards.

11. Pre-finished battens

12. Pre-finished exterior wood corner trims.


Insulated Wall System:


Our unique pre-fabricated wall panel system is designed to close in and insulate a Timber frame structure, but can also be used as a stand alone structural insulated wall. The panels are pre-manufactrued and have all window and door openings engineered in. The walls can be fitted to a typical house in just one day and the finished system meets Quebec and Federal codes and surpasses the standards required for 'Energy Star' and 'Novo Climat'.


Our Wall system includes a 3" layer of sprayed urethane insulation, that is installed on site and a second layer of exterior rigid insulation, which combine to eliminate almost all thermal bridging. The R-Value of the finished wall to R26.5.



Spayed Urethane insulation:


Jackson Hill wall and roof systems use sprayed polyurethane foam insulation that complies with Canadian material standard CAN/ULC 705.1 and meets both the National and Quebec building codes.


The insulation is included in the price of our packaged homes and is installed on site by an authorised specialist contractor. Typically the walls and roof of a medium sized home can be insulated in one day and our wall system allows for electrical rough in, to take place, either before or after the urethane is installed.


Advantages of sprayed polyurethane foam insulation:


Polyurethane is quick to install and provides a continuous envelope of insulation around the home. Our construction system also allows the urethane to pass outside the stud work in the wall panels and under the rafters in the roof system, reducing thermal bridging to a minimum.


Urethane acts as the insulation, Air barrier and vapour barrier in one shot and provides a high R-Value of R6/inch. It also reduces sound transmission in the home. The urethane adds strength and rigidity to the house structure, it is stable, clean, odorless and emission free.


‘Heatlok Soya’ tm


Our insulation contractors are now using ‘Heatlok Soya’, which is a Polyurethane spray foam manufactured using recycled plastics and renewable resources such as Soya and Vegetable Oil. The products is certified as a  ‘Zero Ozone Depletion Substance’. It prevents dirt, allergens and moisture from entering the wall system and reduces the risk of mould in the home, whilst improving air quality.


Rigid sheathing:


In addition to the primary sprayed Polyurethane insulation, our wall system also features a secondary envelope. The exterior of the wall panels are clad with a 1” layer of Type 2 EPS rigid sheathing with a Typar air barrier incorporated into it. Furring and siding are then applied over the secondary insulation. The sheathing has an R-Value of R-4.66, bringing the value for the whole wall, with gyproc and wood siding installed, up to R-26.5


Cellulose fill:


Our hybrid homes feature Timber frame sections combined with areas of conventional framing. Where a conventional ‘cold roof’ is used with flat ceilings internally, then we use Cellulose fill combined with a vapour barrier. Our cold roofs are built with ‘Energy Trusses’ which allow for a minimum of 12” of Cellulose fill to be blown into the roof with a 3” or greater air space at the wall to allow for ventilation. The Cellulose fill is manufactured from recycled wood and paper products and provides an R-Value of R- 43.



Roof System:






1. Timber Frame

2. 1" x 8" Pre-finished Tongue and Groove Decking.

3. 2" x 3" sleepers at 2' o.c. (Allows urethane to pass under rafters to eliminate thermal bridging).

4. Engineered rafters (2" x 8" or 2" x 10") at 2' o.c.

5. 6" of sprayed urethane insulation (installed on site)

6. 5/8" OSB roof sheeting.

7. Asphalt Shingle or Steel roofing.

8. Waterproof Membrane (supplied for whole roof)

9. Ridge vent (or other ventilation as necessary

Our roof system uses a continuous blanket of sprayed urethane insulation with an R-Value of R42 and includes an air space above to allow the roof to breath. In addition, we supply OSB sheeting and waterproof membrane for the entire roof, flashing, starter strip, ventilation and covering (Shingles or steel). The Timber frame provides the underlying structure and we include pre-finished tongue and groove decking for the ceilings, which reduces on site finishing costs.

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