How much will it cost?

This is one of the first and most important questions asked when considering a new home.

Whilst the finished cost will depend on many factors (such as the location, access, ground conditions, complexity of design, finishes, number of bathrooms, luxury features etc.) here are some ‘rules of thumb’ that will help you to set your budget.

Square footage prices:

The following numbers are just ‘Rules of Thumb’, but will give you a rough idea of the cost of completing one of our houses.



Timber Frame Only:


Jackson Hill Timber Frame House Kit:


Assembly of Kit on site:


Foundation: (Based on Footprint)


Insulated sealed shell with foundation:


Turnkey by an Approved Contractor: (Starting at)

$/Square Foot:













When calculating an estimated cost based on square footage, take the area of the main floor plus the useable area of the 2nd floor and multiply by the relevant amount (These prices assume that any basement is unfinished and therefore you should not count the basement square footage). Where the main floor features a great room with a cathedral ceiling, add 1 ½ x the square footage of this room to reflect the extra cost of creating the cathedral space.

Covered Verandas and screened in porches with full Timber Frames usually work out at about 50% of the above figures or $75-$80/square foot fully finished (including foundation and assembly).

There are significant savings to be made where the owner does their own finishing such as flooring, kitchens, bathrooms, ceramic, paint etc.


'The Oakmere' 3 bedroom cottage kit shown on the kit page of this website is available for $115,000 or $63/square foot.

Turnkey price by our approved contractor currently starts at $279,000 or $153.00/ft.  


Jackson Hill House Kits:

Jackson Hill Timber Frames and House Kits are all supplied and delivered for a fixed price with no hidden extras. The prices of our standard frames and kits are indicated on this website or are available from our offices.

A full list of what’s included in one of our house kits is available on the ‘Kits’ page.

Another ‘rule of thumb’ is to take a multiple of the kit price:

Turnkey by a contractor starts at roughly 2.5 times the price of the kit.

Trunkey by the owner starts at roughly 2.0 times the price of the kit.

Turnkey estimates are for a fully finished house with kitchen cabinets, flooring, bathroom fittings etc., completed by an approved contractor with 'Novo Climat' certification and Abritat New home Guarantee.

The prices do not include the land, landscaping, driveways or services (Typically, an artesian well and conventional septic system for a 3 bedroom house will start at approx. $15000). Prices do not include taxes.

Custom Design:

For a custom design we charge approx. $2.0-$2.50/square foot for the design and drawing time. Once the custom design has been agreed with the customer, we will give a fixed price to manufacture and supply the Timber Frame and full structural material package in the same way that we do with our house kits. The above ‘Rules of thumb’ will still apply (plus the additional cost for the custom drawings).


A completed Jackson Hill Timber Frame Home will typically have a higher dollar value/square foot than an equivalent sized conventionally framed home.

Our standard house kits have many features that add to the value of the finished home; The Hand Crafted Timber Frame, Exceptional Levels of insulation and reduction of thermal bridging, High quality pre-finished Maibec wood siding, shingles and Exterior trim, Steel Roofing, Aluminium Clad wood casement windows, pre finished tongue and groove ceiling decking and panelling etc.

However, the finished cost per square foot is still very reasonable, due to the pre-fabricated nature of the product and the reduced onsite assembly and finishing time.



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